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go trojans!

Owosso High School


go trojans!

Owosso High School

go trojans!

Owosso High School

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Game Summary

2.0 months ago @ 8:16PM

Division 2 Track and Field State Finals

Game Date
Jun 1, 2022

Proud coach post:


Today was quite the day at the track. Claire Agnew, Peyton Spicer, Libby Summerland, and Tyler Hufnagel competed in the division 2 state finals at Forest Hills Eastern High School. All 4 athletes were active when the day started at 10:00. Tyler was the first finisher of the day with a 15th place finish in the 110m hurdle prelims. He then was the final Owosso competitor of the day where he ran a really solid race. Tyler cut a half second off of his personal best time and changed a 14th place seed into a 10th place finish with a time of 41.25. Tyler took off about 2.5 seconds from last year to this year and will look to make serious waves next year in his senior season. Awesome work Tyler!


The next finish of the day was sophomore Peyton Spicer. Peyton soared over 4'11" in her first attempt, putting her in the hunt. Then, as if she had ice in her veins, Peyton hit 5'2" in her 3rd and final attempt earning her a tie for 3rd place! The second place finisher jumped 5'3" and the champion went just 1" higher at 5'4". With her result, Peyton earned all-state honors and still has two years left to see just how high she can go!


Finally, our 2 vaulters put on quite the show. First, Libby Summerland gave everybody a scare as she missed opening height (8'9") twice before finally making it over. I think she just wanted to make us all sweat because after that she found her groove and hit 9'3", 9'9", and 10'3" on her first attempts, tying her career best height. Libby showed tremendous growth this year as a year ago at this meet she finished at 8'9". She also added an entire foot to her last season PR of 9'3". As a result, Libby finished in 8th place and became our second all-state athlete of the day! She then went on to take 15th in the 400 meter dash. 3 events next year at the state meet perhaps Libby? Another sophomore who will soar to high heights in the next 2 years!


In the meantime, Claire Agnew was all business today. She came in and hit her first three heights in her first attempt (9'3", 9'9", and 10'3"). Her first miss came at 10'6", but she quickly recovered in her second attempt. Back on track, she hit a PR and school record of 10'9" on her first attempt (letting out her patented scream on the way down). That vault put her in the top 3. She wasn't done yet though! Claire seized the moment and hit 11'0 on her first attempt! Fellow Flint Metro star Allison Shelton and former state runner up Jordyn Wright (Tecumseh) both missed their first attempt at 11'0" before making it, putting Claire in the lead by misses going into 11'3". All 3 girls missed their first 2 attempts. If all 3 failed 1 more time, Claire would be state champion. Both Claire and Allison missed, but Jordyn was able to make it over, making Claire the state runner up pole vaulter! What a year and what an accomplishment! Claire reset her own school record several times this year, going 1 foot and 3 inches higher than last year, and a total of 1 foot and 8 inches over the previous school record. 1 more year for this talented girl!


As a team, we earned 14.5 points, finishing 17th in the state! Not bad for 3 athletes!


With none of these athletes graduating, the future sure is bright for Owosso track and field. I can't express how proud I am as a coach and how much I love each of these athletes. Thank you for bringing me along on this ride and I can't wait to see where it ends up!


Also, a huge shout out and thank you to the man behind the pole vault curtain. Tony Grinnell has put in so much time with these girls not only during the season, but on Sundays and during the entire offseason after last year. He is truly a blessing for Owosso and I am so grateful to have him with us.


Full results can be found at

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