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go trojans!

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go trojans!

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Posted 4.0 months ago @ 1:22PM

2022-2023 Pre-Participation Athletic Form (6th-12th Grades)

Dear Students, Parents & Guardians,

The Owosso Middle School and Owosso High School Athletic Departments are implementing a Pre-Participation Registration for grades 6-12 starting now.  This has been a process we have been working on arranging throughout the summer and we are finally ready to start.  Just to be clear, we fully expect there to be some hiccups in transitioning to new ways of collecting the required forms needed to participate in athletics, but with your patience and cooperation, we hope to work out the kinks in short order.

All 6-12 students will be receiving an Invitation email, which will be sent to the SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS.  Each students is expected to have their own account.  When this emailed invitation is received, just follow the directions to establish the account.  In the attached file, there is a set of directions for students and for parents/guardians.  Parents will be able to LINK their account with their student's account(s).  Again, each prospective student athlete will have their own account, so parents will multiple students will be able to LINK to each of their student's accounts.

The purpose of this transition is to have a more efficient way of managing paperwork, by sport, by season and by year.  Once a student/parent registers, their account is set for the remainder of their time through high school.  The only thing required will be the updates to sports physicals and consenting to the various required documents, such as Concussion Awareness and the Athletic Handbook.  Once these documents are updated, students will be set for all seasons of that school year.  The other added benefit is that coaches will not have to chase down students and parents/guardians to ensure paperwork is turned in.  The system is designed such that all documents will be checked and approved through the OMS and OHS Athletic Departments.

On August 8th, the High School Fall seasons begin, and in order to participate, all sports physicals are due by that date.  If sports physicals are not submitted and approved by the Athletic Department, the student is not permitted to practice.  It is extremely important, that if you have not done so already, please make arrangements to get your physical as soon as possible.  Please make sure you are using the form attached.  It can also be found at and click on Health and Safety.  The link is under the subject, Physical Exam/Medical History Form.


Once again, thank you for your attention to, and patience for this transition.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the OMS and OHS Athletic Departments.  


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