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go trojans!

Owosso High School


go trojans!

Owosso High School

go trojans!

Owosso High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

1 month ago @ 9:43PM

Boys Varsity Swimming vs. Fenton Senior HS School

Game Date
Feb 23, 2024

In an extraordinary display of dedication, teamwork, and sheer talent, our swim team has once again proven why they are a force to be reckoned with in the pool. Last night's performance was nothing short of spectacular, with every member of our team stepping up to the challenge and securing their place in the conference finals tomorrow. Their hard work, perseverance, and team spirit have paid off, resulting in a remarkable 100% team effort that saw every swimmer qualify for the finals. This is a testament to their unwavering commitment and the strong bond they share as teammates.


The 200 Medley Team, consisting of Charlie Nolph, Matthew Shattuck, Peyton Dwyer, and Tyler Jurhs, set the tone for the evening with an outstanding performance that left everyone in awe. Their synergy in the water is truly remarkable, showcasing the depth of our team's talent and the rigorous training that has gone into preparing for this moment.

In individual events, athletes like Blake Binger, Nick Nidiffer, Ryan Dahl, and Simon Erfourth dominated the 200 Free, each securing a spot in the top 8. Jack Livingston's incredible skill in the 200 IM, along with the power and speed demonstrated by Aiden DeFrenn, Peyton Dwyer, and Tyler Jurhs in the 50 Free, further solidified our team's standing as top contenders.

Our diving team, featuring Danica Dwyer, Jonny Mazza, Joe Kulhanek, and Robert Terry, showcased their exceptional talent and precision, ensuring our representation in every facet of the competition.

The 100 Fly and 100 Free were no different, with Ryan Dahl and Peyton Dwyer, and Aiden DeFrenn and Nick Nidiffer, respectively, delivering performances that were both powerful and graceful. The endurance events saw Blake Binger, Simon Erfourth, and Porter Emerson making waves in the 500 Free, demonstrating the versatility and stamina of our team.

The relay events were a highlight of the night, with the 200 Free Relay team (Aiden DeFrenn, Nick Nidiffer, Peyton Dwyer, & Blake Binger) and the 400 Free Relay team (Aiden DeFrenn, Tyler Jurhs, Nick Nidiffer, & Blake Binger) showing incredible teamwork and determination.

Not to be outdone, our swimmers who qualified in the top 16 for the conference finals, including Porter Emerson in the 200 IM, Charlie Nolph in the 100 Free, and our backstroke and breaststroke contenders, have shown that our team's strength extends far beyond the top 8 qualifiers. Their resilience and tenacity are a beacon of inspiration for us all.

As we look forward to the conference finals tomorrow, we do so with immense pride in our hearts. This group of athletes has exemplified what it means to be a team, supporting one another, pushing each other to excel, and representing our school with honor and integrity. I could not be prouder of each and every one of them.

Let's carry this incredible momentum into the finals tomorrow. Go team! Your hard work, dedication, and team spirit are what make you champions already, regardless of the outcome. Here's to making waves and achieving greatness together!


Qualifying to swim tomorrow at Conference finals in top 8 include:

200 Medley Team of Charlie Nolph, Matthew Shattuck, Peyton Dwyer, & Tyler Jurhs

200 Free: Blake Binger, Nick Nidiffer, Ryan Dahl, Simon Erfourth

200 IM: Jack Livingston

50 Free: Aiden DeFrenn, Peyton Dwyer,& Tyler Jurhs

Diving: Danica Dwyer, Jonny Mazza, Joe Kulhanek, & Robert Terry

100 Fly: Ryan Dahl & Peyton Dwyer

100 Free: Aiden DeFrenn, Nick Nidiffer

500 Free: Blake Binger, Simon Erfourth, Porter Emerson

200 Free Relay Team of Aiden DeFrenn, Nick Nidiffer, Peyton Dwyer, & Blake Binger

100 Back: Tyler Jurhs & Charlie Nolph

100 Breaststroke: Matthew Shattuck

400 Free Relay Team of Aiden DeFrenn, Tyler Jurhs, Nick Nidiffer, & Blake Binger


Qualifying top 16 for conference finals tomorrow:

200 IM: Porter Emerson

100 Free: Charlie Nolph

100 Backstroke: Jack Livingston, Owen Feldpausch, Adam Senk, & Zayne Bentley

100 Breaststroke: Joe Kulhanek & Robert Terry

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