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go trojans!

Owosso High School


go trojans!

Owosso High School

go trojans!

Owosso High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

3.0 weeks ago @ 10:14PM by Chris Bird

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. St. Johns HS School

Game Date
May 22, 2024

Owosso Soccer may have fallen 0-7, but the coaching staff is so proud of our team's drive to end the game. 

Our girls battled against a tough St. Johns side; in fact, it’s the best squad we’ve played all season. We went down 0-4 at halftime, but maintained our shape and fought for every ball. 

St. Johns scored 3 goals in the first 3:30 minutes of the second half. It wasn’t looking good. Our girls regrouped and held them goalless for the rest of the game. After making some solid stops, our midfield provided Khloe Shattuck and Aisha Davis with great scoring opportunities. Our fullbacks played another solid game against a strong opponent. Babcock, Davis, Lintner, Yerrick, and Jameson cut off shooting opportunities up the middle. Abby Roth played one of her best games as she shut down the attack of one of St. Johns’ best goal scorers. Our defenders worked as a unit, forcing our opponent to work for all shots. McVay, Guru, Fernandez, Potter, and McCroan stepped up in the midfield by slowing the St. Johns’ attack and by creating quality second half transitions. 

Although losing by 7 wasn't the result we wanted, everyone was proud of the passion and physical play of the final 35 minutes. The way our girls regrouped in the face of obvious adversity defines everything about this team. 

The Seniors and Captains set the tone early on this season, emphasizing the need to put the team first and play without excuses. I know many may look at our season and only see our overall record, but this team sees the big picture and trusts the process. They realize that scholastic athletics is about something bigger, something more than oneself. It's all about the relationships created, the mutual respect for your teammates' work ethic, and the shared pride one feels putting on a school jersey. This team is full of people that truly care for one another. Thank you to our Seniors: Rorie Babcock, Karissa Potter, Irene Fernandez, Flavia Giuggioli, and Martina Oriti. You have left a legacy. You will be missed. 

St. Johns’ Shots: 27
Owosso Shots: 3

Owosso Keeper Izzy Jameson: 9 Saves
Owosso Keeper Adeline Mahoney: 6 Saves

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